We pride ourselves with knowledge and understanding of how your online marketing and advertising campaigns live, learn, and drive results. We ensure your Return On Investment is maximized.

Ownera Media has a revolutionary advertising technology platform with a comprehensive digital agency software solution that oversees the full life cycle of an online marketing or advertising campaign.

Our entire team of experts is readily available to create custom campaigns, write true and powerful brand stories, and layout the trendiest designs uniquely for you and your target audience.​​​​​​​
We care about your brand and the goals of your organization as much as you do, and we love working with those who believe in what they do and appreciate the quality of results-driven work. We look forward to the opportunity to share what we can do for you and your brand through our plethora of digital platforms as follows:
Deliver a targeted message 
An effective way to promote brand awareness, these banner ads appear on websites across mobile, desktop, and laptop devices. Coupled with programmatic targeting they are an effective way to deliver your message to a precise audience. 

Target customers on their specific devices
Monitor the location information associated with prospect devices and leverage that data by targeting consumers or their devices based on where they have been and where they live. 

Target prospects based on their current physical location
Identify specific commercial locations where ideal audiences are located and turn these audiences into targetable data segments. 

Reach people at an address level
IP Targeting is a cookie-free way of reaching a consumer by matching their physical address with an IP address. Direct Mail has always been the preferred way of reaching specific list-oriented audiences. IP targeting allows a marketer to extend the reach, impact, and ROI of their address-based marketing. 

Effective email marketing
Our database has more than 140 million consumer and business emails allowing you to reach your customer’s inbox. 

Be seen at the right time
Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click is a way to drive leads at the bottom of the funnel conversions. Be sure to be in front of your customers when they are actively searching for your products. As a Google Premier Partner, we pride ourselves in running campaigns adhering to Google’s Best Practices. 

Show up in relevant searches
SEO is the process of getting your business to show up in search categories that are most relevant to your business. We deliver a unique SEO product by implementing strategies throughout the year that focus on all ranking factors with local and organic SEO algorithms. 

Ads that feel like articles
Native ads adopt the look and feel of a websites content inviting the viewer to engage them. In-feed and in-article ads allow the advertiser to immerse their brand within the publishers site to reach the right user at the right time. 

Promotional video messages
Pre-Roll Video is as scalable as banner advertising with all of the innovative targeting options but in a more desirable video format. With features such as skippable vs non-skippable, completion rates, viewability and more. Video advertising has never been easier as a local marketer. 

Non-skippable, brand safe audio advertising
Streaming services have made music portable now more than ever. Consumers can experience life through their own personal soundtracks. With programmatic streaming radio advertising, clients can reach their target audiences while they go about their day. 

Reach cord-cuttings that are not available with traditional TV commercials
Over-the-top (OTT) is the combination of ConnectedTV and Full Episode player (FEP) streaming or on-demand inventory. This means a commercial can be served across ALL DEVICES, including the big screen. 

Advertising with social platforms
Ads on Facebook or Instagram maximize reach across both platforms, includes the option of YouTube videos. 

Advertising in Ownera Media magazines
Ads in REVEAL Magazines or in one of Ownera Media’s publications – Ontario’s elite and trendiest magazines will position your brand credibility with charisma and power to attract your most ideal customers. 
We require minimum three (3) month digital marketing/advertising campaign commitment.
When running a digital marketing or advertising campaign, you will need to have the following:
(2) Campaign Strategy/Plan and Roadmap 
(Should you require a professionally prepared Campaign Strategy (Plan) & Roadmap, we will be happy to prepare it for you — starting at $6,000) 

Choosing your marketing firm relationship is a very important decision for your business. Our team has extensive experience in marketing and branding. We make campaign recommendations, optimizations, and managing campaign performance. We understand your goals and are trained to help you achieve maximum performance for your investment.

Our team of certified professionals specializes in creating the right messaging and managing Canadian and American in-depth brand marketing designed to drive maximum ROI.

By leveraging best in class technology and advanced software, our team is able to deliver unparalleled reach, frequency, brand safety, and optimization for all of our campaigns.

  We manage your entire marketing campaign and report back to you on a regular basis with thorough analytics so you can spend more time on making your business thrive.

Because we know our process, planning, inventory quality, and execution are second to none, we guarantee your investment is well spent. Our digital marketing guarantee at least a .1% Click Through Rate on ordered ad impressions. That’s almost two times the national average according to Think With Google.